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Motor Master Axles – (GOOD)
Motor Master Powersports Complete Axle Assemblies are built to meet or exceed OEM quality. We use fully assembled outboard and inboard joints installed on a high strength axle bar using the MMPS Dura-Boot for maximum protection against all conditions!

VooDoo Axles – (BETTER)
Our revolutionary design provides ultra-high strength, and the ability to operate at angles other can't. VooDoo Axles utilize a slip spline that allows the axle to compress and extend 2". Telescoping axle bars are carried on linear motion ball bearings for smooth action that won't bind under load.

Minotaur Super Duty Axles – (BEST)
Motor Master Powersports is pleased to announce the Minotaur Super Duty Axles to our extensive axle line. Designed for BIG WHEELS and BIG POWER, if you have a lifted ATV/UTV the Minotaur Axle will fit your needs! Just tell us what those needs are! MADE IN THE U.S.A.